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Termite Control Birmingham AL – Termite Trivia

Termites, those tiny wood chompers, can be found everywhere within the United States, except Alaska. When they are present in your home, the first thing you should do is contact a pest control service for termite extermination. Termite Control Birmingham AL – Facts About Termites While they may be small in size, there are so […]

Termite Control Birmingham AL – The Most Destructive Pest

Termites in the United States cause more than $1 billion worth of damage each year. Unfortunately, this number has the potential to go even higher due to the development of a new breed of termites, referred to as “super-termites”. Considered to be the most destructive breed of termites in the world, their colonies grow twice […]

Pest Control Birmingham AL – What Is That Strange Creature In My Bathroom?  

Many of us have run into those long worm-like creatures, with lot of legs that crawl around really fast. After seeing one of these bugs, many of us run and call our pest control service. But what are these strange looking creatures and are they dangerous? What you have witnessed is a centipede or more […]

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Keeping Your Home Clean To Keep Pests Out

When the weather warms up outside the insect world starts to heat up as well. In order to keep insect out of your home, you are going to have to do some cleaning and organizing. Having a Pest Control Service come into your home and spray for bugs is very important. But you can help […]

Termite Control Birmingham AL – Signs You May Have Termites

Having termites infest your home is a serious situation. It doesn’t take long for a few termites to turn into a large colony and the damage they can do to your home can be costly. Not only can termites make your house look horrible, they can also compromise the structural stability of the home. Finding […]

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Top Five Pests

The National Pest Management Association has put together a list the top five pest which includes bed bugs; cockroaches; house flies; lice; and mosquitoes. Pest Control Birmingham AL – List of Top 5 Pests Bed Bugs Bed bugs have not only been found in mattress seams or sheets, they are also in cracks and crevices […]

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Enjoy A Pest Free Backyard

During the warm, summer months, people are drawn to go outside for fun, by hosting picnics and barbecues. However, not only are family and friends looking to have an enjoyable time, but this is also a fun time for pesky pests, like ants, flies, stinging and biting insects. As part of your pest control service, […]

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Mosquito Season is Here

It’s not actually news that mosquito season has arrived in Alabama. Mosquitoes aren’t just pests – they’re disease carriers. It seems that with every passing year the disease threat gets worse. Last year two residents of Colbert County and one resident of Tuscaloosa County are the latest believed to have contracted Chikungunya virus, which is […]

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I had noticed that I was having a flea problem with my dog. I hired Horizons and followed their suggestions after they treated my yard and house. The service was wonderful and the fleas are gone! I have since hired them to do my pest service, mosquito service, and snake control. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

David, Vestavia, AL
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