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Alabama is home to 6 venomous snakes. All of which, except one, belong to the pit viper family. These snakes posses incredibly dangerous venom but will almost always prefer to avoid humans rather than attack one. It is not recommended that you get close to a snake in order to determine whether or not a snake is venomous. If there is any doubt, please call a pest control expert.


  • Pit vipers have thick bodies, angular blocky heads, and distinct necks
  • Coral snakes have a bulbous head and a distinct stripe pattern with red touching yellow
  • Most snakes will only bite when threatened or cornered

Pit vipers have sharp triangular heads and distinct necks, as well as a pit between the snake’s nostril and eye that is used to locate warm-blooded prey. The other type of venomous snake is the eastern coral snake, with its distinctive and often mimicked black, yellow, and red color pattern. Our effective snake control method will create an invisible barrier that will keep these dangerous pests away from your family. Please call today to learn more.

Common Venomous in Alabama include:

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Ken was great and went above and beyond. I really did not realize the importance of a pest control contract.

Meghan, Leeds AL
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