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Ants are social insects related to wasps and bees. Ants live in colonies up to a million strong and thrive in almost every environment. Ants are a common household pest when they venture into the home in search of food. They can fit through the tiniest cracks and follow a scent trail left by other ants.


  • Social Insects that are related to wasps and bees
  • There are an estimated 22,000 species of ants
  • Many ants are regarded as an invasive species

Signs & Indicators

  • Barricade the entries into your home
  • You must kill the queen to eliminate the colony
  • Eliminating food sources will help prevent ants

Ant invasions are a common household problem. Once they lay a scent trail, a never ending army of ants can enter your home in search of food. Along the way ants travel through their own droppings, garbage, and other nasty items. They can easily contaminate your food and spread diseases. Once ants have found their way into your home they will keep trying.

At Horizons Pest Control we know how to kill the colony and get rid of ants in your home. We also employ preventive measures to prevent infestations before they happen. Call today to learn how we can help you exterminate ants for good.

Common Ants in Alabama include:

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Very professional, courteous, and conscientious. They called ahead to inform me of a delay in their arrival. Very impressed and appreciative! Have decided to do business with them in the future.

Edward, Birmingham, AL
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